Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hanna Says..........

March 5 2011- Hanna read her first page in a book! She was so excited and proud!

Minneapplesauce- Minneapolis

Hanna - "Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up."
Me - "You do.....and what is that?"
Hanna - "I wanna be a post office."
Me - "Well, a post office is a place. Do you want to work inside the post office?"
Hanna - "Yes, I will be a post office geel."

Lobsterwrapper- Velociraptor

Sunscream: sunscreen

Headed-ache: headache

Aivulance: ambulance

Tookened: taken

Hanna: Mommy, I don't want to grow up.
Me: Why?
Hanna: Because I am so cute now and if I grow up I won't be cute anymore.

Lightmen- lightning

Hanna asks all the time what she can and can't say. Her new favorite word is "shucks." Whenever I tell her I love her or say that she is pretty, she will say, "Awwwwwwe shucks."

We tell Hanna all the time how smart she is and how great her memory is. So, today in the car, she was reliving and sharing a memory from last year sometime. I commented that I had forgotten that I did that. Her response was, "Mommy, my brain is gooder than yours. Your brain isn't the best like mine is." Sadly, I agreed. 4/12/10

"The tippy top"- what she calls the very top of something

"Mommy, I need some practicey!" When I walk in the bathroom and she is on the potty.

Gorilla bar- granola bar
Cimmanon- cinnamon

Hanna: I wish I was a super hero.
Me: What all do you need to be a super hero?
Hanna: You need a skateboard, a cape, glasses, and a flashlight. Then you can fly and hunt for things.

Chip-choc-what cookies- chocolate chip cookies

Hanna: Mommy, there is something wrong with the tv. Look.
Me: What is wrong? I don't see anything.
Hanna: Yes, look. It's "mommy tv". I don't like it. (she happened to be watching live tv later than usual one night and there were commercials for cleaning products)

"Weald"- world
"Wiwn't- her way of saying "won't"
Balilla- vanilla

"Homo Depot"- obviously Home Depot
Hanna likes to spin around and around and will say, "Mommy, I'm gettin' busy!"

Geel- she can't say her rrrrr's yet, so this is what she says for girl; I absolutely love it.
Bathin' soup (she loves modeling her new bathing suits and wants to wear them for just 5 more minutes)

Me: "Hanna, would you like some honey mustard for your chicken fingers?"
Hanna: "No, I just want some checkup to it."

"Checkup" (ketchup)
"Pokey-Nochio" (Pinocchio)
"Mommy, say, "These are little cutest girls I've ever seen!" (meaning herself and Haley of course)
"Mommy, you're my best-est friend ever"
"A-ta-dough" (playdough)
"No Hawey, no sir wee!"
"Bwess us God!" (she may have heard something similar coming out of my mouth, oops)
"What you funny about?" (she asks this EVERY time we laugh at something)
"Pheonix-ona" (Phoenix, AZ)
"Gascot" (both Madagascar and Alex the lion)
(Lightning McQueen)
"Ok, ok, ok! Stop fussin." (after being asked to do something more than once)
"Cano" (volcano)
"Seegweetient" (secret ingredient)
"Heart beeps" (could be one heart, could be two)
"Swipgwoss" (lip gloss)
"Matsticks" (chapstick)
"Mommy let me burp you" (whenever I get choked)
"Gonuts" (doughnuts)
"That happens" (usually after spilling something)
"Oh Mommy, that's ok" (after I apoligize for something)
"Thank you to my _________" (fill-in-the-blank)
"Mommy, get her away!" (when haley is bothering)
"Mommy you happy?" (right after she gets in trouble)
"I can't possibwy eat that big a bite" (said with such drama)
"Ummm, I don't fink so" (when asked if she's ready to eat dinner)
"That how it goes?" (after purposely singing a song the wrong way)
"I yiiiiiike ________!" (another fill-in-the-blank; usually candy, cookies, peoples, tags)
"Mommy, I yuv you"
"Mommy watch where you goin" (in the grocery store)
"Mommy why you talking for?"
"Yet's get outta he-ya" (when she's ready to go)
"I mam" (I am)
"O'Madonalds" (McDonald's)
"Chick-ul-ya" (Chick-fil-a)
"Swice o' swami" (slice of salami)

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Raven said...

I love her! Phoenix-zona is one of my personal fav's of course! Miss yall!