Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Haley is 3!

After I picked Haley up from school we went to our fave lunch spot for salads and smoothies
and Haley wouldn't pose for me but Hanna would. Loved this pic of her!

I asked Haley a few weeks before her birthday what she wanted to do on her birthday. What a task......throwing a birthday party NOT on her birthday and still having to celebrate for the actual BIRTHday. Sheesh. She responded with, "Watch Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair" (Tanlged). I figured it wasn't still at the movies by this point but checked anyway and it was still showing a week before her actual birthday. I decided to take her a week early since I didn't want to chance it being gone the next week.

I still wanted to do something fun for her on her birthday and asked again what she wanted to do and this time she said, "Paint a number 3!!!" So we painted pottery! Haley picked out a princess and painted her like something reminiscent of Phantom of the Opera and Hanna picked out a crown, why I do not know. After spotting the T-Rex I assumed she would do a nose dive for it but you just never know with Hanna, she is sometimes unpredictable.

After "painting" we had some ice cream. I think Haley had a great 3rd birthday!
Happy 3rd birthday sweet Haley!

Princess in training......the evolution

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pajamas & pancakes!

At Hanna's preschool they were supposed to have pajama, pizza,
popsicle, picnic day on Friday (wonder what letter they were working on).
We still had enough snow that school was cancelled. I did not know this until after Hanna went to bed.....dreaming of going to school in her jammies and having pizza and watching a movie!!! She would be devastated!

All the other mom's agreed that we didn't want to face mass hysteria in the morning and one brave mom, Heather, opened up her house to pajama and pancake day instead! Complete devastation averted! While Hanna was still a little disappointed about not wearing jammies to school she gladly welcomed the chance to see Luisa's house and to have breakfast with her friends! Haley was beside herself!

We all had a great time; kids running and playing together while we mom's sat and drank coffee without a worry in the world..........wait a minute, maybe we had a few worries. Still, it was a great excuse to get out of the house for a couple hours and recharge with a few adults!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dress-up dance party & snow day

Dress-up Dance Party
Sorry you have to see this pic of me but I just love Hanna & Haley's attitude.
The pink in the corner of Haley's mouth is lipgloss. I can't keep her out of my purse it seems.

Hanna wanted to teach Haley how to dance the right way.
So funny. I'm not sure where she saw this technique but Jason and
I were quite impressed on her knowledge of where to put her hands.

Snow Day
We were out of school for a whole week due to snow
and we loved it!!!
We found a Hanna & Haley sized hill to sled down.

We loved spending the next few days in our pj's working puzzles
and playing. It's just too hard to pick up the pieces and get back into
a routine after the snow melts!

The new year


The new year has brought tons of birthday parties, play dates, trips to the library, a trip to Pittsburgh, snow days, dress-up days....whew! And it's just the beginning of February! We are having lots of fun in the new house and settling in with new bedrooms and new friends. We are getting ready for Haley's 3rd birthday party this weekend so there are lots more pictures to follow! Stay tuned!