Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The great outdoors

Sunday, April 26th

My sweet little Haley would live outside from morning to night if we allowed it.  Anytime the door leading into the garage is opened she makes a bee line towards it, knowing that it is a portal to the outside world.  She gets very upset when she is stopped from sliding down the brick steps.  If she knows we are about to go outside, she will try and find some shoes and bring them to you.  She will sit down and lift her little legs up to help get those shoes on.  Mmmm, it is the sweetest thing.

While outside, her main goal is to make her way to the road.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because she knows we don't want her to.  She is very much trying to be in control lately.  She also loves Daddy's yellow golf balls and loves to throw them and "run" after them.  She is quite impressive with her speed especially if she sees that you're after her.  Sometime in the middle of her fun, she fell and dug her bare knees right into the concrete.  It hurts my spine to think about it!  I take full responsibility since I ignorantly let her out in a dress.  She didn't cry for long and after being medicated, bandaged, and adding some pants she was ready to go back out.  

She also loves Hanna's old baby car and the little compartment in the front.  If Hanna gets a juice box, forget it.  She HAS to have one as well.  I was cracking up at her with the magnifying glass and didn't even capture the funnier faces as I was laughing too hard.  I just love her so much and look forward to what new and exciting thing she'll do tomorrow.

Flower girl

We have wanted to plant some flowers for the past two weekends but Mother Nature or other plans prevented it.  Finally, on Sunday (while Jason and Haley napped) Hanna and I were able to get our hands dirty!  She LOVES anything to do with outside especially if it involves planting/watering/helping.  I bought for her, her own set of gardening tools and watering jug, super cheap at Wal-Mart.  Amazing how a $5 purchase can bring such happiness, priceless.  She really was a great helper and company.  She would bring me whatever color I needed next and did so right up until the end.  At about the last plant, she exclaimed (with a sigh and hand on head), "Mommy, I don't think I'm feeling very well.  You have to get the flowers youw-self.  I'm just gonna go sit down for a minute."  Drama.

After she rested up, she was ready to plant her own special flower that she picked out.  She was very proud of all the work we did and helped water our new little babies when we were all done.  She was very excited to show Daddy our flowers.  I loved my special time with Hanna. She is growing up way too fast so I am trying to cherish my alone time from this day forward.

School program

Hanna's school (MDO) puts on a program for the parents this time every year.  Last year I sat at the opposite side of the stage from where Hanna stood, so I really couldn't see her at all. Obviously, my pictures and the video I tried to take simultaneously did not turn out, at all.  She wasn't even 2 1/2 at the time so most of them didn't really participate in the singing.  It was still lots fun to watch.  
So, this year Jason was able to come with me and all I can say is, we were very proud parents! Some little ones cried when they got on stage and others wouldn't even get on stage.  Hanna marched right up there even after seeing us and waving at us.  They performed The Itsy Bitsy Spider, which we've seen her do a million times but not on stage in front of hundreds of strangers and another song about spiders that they used drums for.   I could even hear her among all the others.  They were all so cute even down to the little ones that cried for their mommies.  I even welled up a little.

They have a sheet for us at the end of each day letting us know what they learned and talked about for that day.  They also always include what your child enjoyed, or something funny they said, or just something special.  Hanna's read, "Hanna really enjoyed singing for her Mom and Dad today."

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (as told by Hanna)

For the last couple of weeks Hanna has wanted to play teacher and she always wants to be the teacher.  She insists that I call her Miss Becky.  Miss Becky is one of favorite teachers at school.  One day she wanted to play teacher and I had SOOOOO much to do that I offered up her baby doll as a student until I got back.  She said, emphatically, "But Mommy, no.  That's not the girl I yike."  I asked her who she liked.  She responded with, "You Mommy.  You're the girl."  How can you say no to that.  

She taught me a couple letters, how to draw robots, and then started making caterpillars.  Like a light bulb went off in her head, she said, "Mommy, I'm going to teach you about the hungry caterpillar!"  So, she ran into her room to get The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  After seeing how precious she was "teaching" me this book, I ran to get the video camera.  She gets a little stage fright when I pull out the camera so she rushed the second reading so you have to listen carefully.  The best is when she gets to the food.  Her pronunciation of salami and sausage brings a huge smile to my face.

Life in the "Fast Lane"


Christina and I took the crew to Fast Lanes for some bowling and fun.  Tran had a doctor's appointment so we took Nicholas with us.  She met up with us a little later and just in time to see Nick bowl his second time.  I've wanted to check it out ever since they opened.  It's kind of like a Dave & Buster's but on a much smaller scale.  It was great for the kids since they have gutter guards and a ramp to make it easier.  

We stayed for lunch and we were all pleasantly surprised.  The ladies got the BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich).  It was delightful down to the last bite.  They also have the usual kid friendly fare and pizza.  

We also checked out the arcade section after lunch.  They have a few fun games for the little ones.  They really enjoyed riding on the mini-carousel.  It was a great way to entertain the children and get out of the house for awhile.  We are always looking for excuses to have a little adult time as well.  Thanks for the great idea Chris!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend, Part 3

We woke up Easter morning to pouring rain and I knew that very second that the day would be spent inside.  With the rain brought cooler weather and once again, the heat is back on.  Hanna asked first thing, "Did the Easter bunny come?"  She was very excited to find that he left their baskets by the front door.  I guess he had a busy night and hurried to beat the rain.  Haley was interested in the eggs and not much else.  And to my astonishment, they don't really care for Peep's!!!  Huh?  Marshmallow covered in sugar?  I haven't had much trouble polishing them off.  Thanks a lot Easter bunny.  

We stayed in our jammies most of the day and watched Pinocchio.  Both the girls were exhausted from the previous day's activities and took power naps.  I took the opportunity to lay in bed and watch the Master's while dozing on and off.  It was fabulous!  Since we had our Easter meal the day before I didn't even bother to cook dinner and opted for pizza delivery instead.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Easter weekend, Part 2

We left the Mudd's after a couple hours and came home to change into play clothes.  We grabbed a bottle of wine, some pasta salad, a couple pairs of pj's and headed over to Erin and Brian's house.  We threw the girls in the sand box while we enjoyed a margarita and the setting sun.  Haley didn't care to get in the sand but rather found happiness with a stuffed kitty and a boots doll.  She loved playing on the steps to the hot tub.  We ate our fourth meal of the day outside by the fire.  Haley went right to sleep in the pack-n-play while Hanna and Delaney watched a movie.  We adults sat out by the fire and drank wine probably a little too long.  We had a cranky little girl who was ready for bed!  It was a great day and we all had a blast without even leaving the neighborhood!

Easter weekend, Part 1

We started off the weekend by getting a sitter and going out to dinner with our friends Bart and Raven.  We went to Bordino's and had big plans to go out afterwards but with full tummies a blanket of sleep fell upon us and we ended up calling it a night.  A nice leisurely dinner and adult conversation was most delightful.  

On Saturday we took Hanna to gymnastics and went to Back Yard Burger for lunch and then to Wal-Mart.  Back home we all took a little siesta and then got ready to head to our friends, Brooke and Dan's house.  They throw a big Easter brunch/egg hunt every year but with the weather conditions this year had to move the event to Saturday.  It couldn't have worked out better!  We visited with old friends and met a few new ones while the kids played outside. Everybody ate and then we sent all the kids out front to hunt eggs.  They were distributed all throughout the cul-de-sac.  Haley was so excited she couldn't contain herself!

Hanging out in the Mudd's backyard

Finding the first of many treat filled eggs

Digging for some eggs with a little help from Rob

Haley and Hanna with Delaney and Livi

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pictures

March 09
I flubbed up and missed Haley's 1 yr. pictures with my photographer.  I planned on taking Hanna with me and knocking out their Easter pics in the same visit.  So, none the less, I was pretty upset when I found out I wrote down the wrong date.  I was frantic and so afraid that I wouldn't be able to get the Easter pics done before leaving for TN.  I wanted to do bunny pics but was afraid of the possible torture that might be bestowed upon them.  Haley loves to "pet" soft, fluffy animals and made my Mom's dog yelp and/or growl on several occasions.  I called The Picture People since I used them for Haley's Christmas pictures and they were able to get us in a few days before we left.  

Aunt Heather sent the girl's these matching dresses and I thought they were just too precious to miss a photo op.  Plus, I really didn't want to try and find coordinating Easter dresses.  I found this website, polka-dot-market, where they had these adorable Easter baskets that matched the dresses.  Maybe it's a little overboard on the polka-dots but, oh well.  I didn't want to order two baskets with the letter "h", so I thought I would go with "j" for Johanna so they would have different baskets.  When it was time for Hanna's solo pics I didn't think twice and sent her out with the "h" basket.  Hence, Haley ends up with the "j" basket in front of her.  I didn't notice it until about the third time I looked at the pics.  

Hanna was a little ham and was the perfect poser.  Haley was a little obsessed with the eggs once she caught sight of them.  It is a challenge to get a good shot of an active one year old who doesn't want to stand still.  That being said, I was pleased as punch with my sweet little girls.