Monday, July 25, 2011


We met up with some friends today at an indoor playground. There are so many of these places popping up everywhere! We have so many indoor places to play it really is hard to choose. They will be great this winter! We brought lunch with us and played some more after we ate. Haley was in heaven with all of the dress-up stuff! My favorite part was not having to clean up afterwards!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make-up already???

Today was gymnastics and grocery shopping and it rained most of the day so we took a break from swimming and stayed indoors. We had a major task of cleaning up the playroom and decided to play with make-up after that. Haley LOVES any and everything to do with make-up. I've decided that I'll have to set an age limit on when she can really wear it; otherwise, she would start her first day of pre-school wearing eyeshadow. Hanna isn't as interested but will go along with it. Daddy was very excited to come home and see his little girls wearing make-up;-)

July 4th weekend

Heather left on the Monday before the 4th and drove back that Friday! She brought Marco with her this time. Thank you so much for driving to see us so much. We love ya!
Me and my crew.
Moms and Pops hanging in the shade.
Marco!!! Hanna made the comment the day before....."Marco might break our slide when he comes down it." Oh my. I'm glad Marco is a good sport. We love you too!
Getting ready to eat popcorn & watch fireworks.
All of our company left on the 4th so we were lazy and just watched fireworks from our backyard. It wasn't anything to write home about but better than not seeing any at all! We had a fabulous weekend grilling out, swimming, and playing WAY too much volleyball. We all had sore arms! Holidays are bittersweet for me because I always dread the end when everybody leaves. The house feels so quiet and empty. Always looking forward to the next one!

Just a swimmin'

Our backyard is ALMOST finished. It's been a long road but we can finally enjoy it!
Love this about attitude.
Hanna and Haley practicing their kicks before swim lessons.
Hanna is really good with Haley in the pool and lets her jump to her a lot. After swim lessons Haley can swim pretty good and loves swimming under water using her "sandwich hands". So proud of her!
Hanna has turned into a little fish this summer!
They both love the slide. It is a great addition to the pool.

A week of visitors.....

My friend Taryn came by for a night with her husband and three kids. Hanna & Haley both developed a little crush on Brody I think. He is pretty handsome! All three of them took care of Hanna & Haley like they were their little sisters. Brody even cleaned up the playroom and Courtney gave Haley a bath!
Heather came in for a week and got to visit with Taryn as well. So fun! We hadn't seen her in years!
Heather playing and loving on the girls while it rained outside.
Anthony and Hillary came over for the weekend as well as my Mom and Dad to visit with Heather. So glad Jason finally got to hold the little butter bean!