Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dance Feb 2012

Getting ready for the dance! Jason picked up a wrist corsage for Hanna and one for Haley so she wouldn't feel left out.
Haley wanted to put a dress on and get her picture taken with Daddy too.
Sweet Hanna ready to shake her booty!
Jason took Hanna out for a special dinner before the dance. I was in Phoenix and Jason sent me this pic from his phone. They had tuna tartare and filet.
And finally at the dance! Jason said it was the best thing he's got to do with Hanna in a long time and was so glad he was in town to take her. She mentioned that she might be too shy to dance in front of people but Jason said she danced to just about every song. She said, "Daddy, just one more song and then we'll leave. Well, why don't we just wait until they stop playing music and then we'll leave." She had so much fun dancing with all of her friends. Haley can't wait until it's her turn!

Haley officially turns 4!

Haley turned 4 on Wed, February 15th. We celebrated with Jason's Mom (Nunu) and had pizza and a number 4 cake. She wanted to wear the dress that Nunu got her for her birthday. The girl loves dresses!