Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break!

This is an oak wine barrel appetizer platter that Christy brought me. It is so unique.....I plan on using it for piles of grapes and cheeses, crusty breads, sushi would look great.....the possibilities are endless. I love it!
The Rosen's drove in Saturday evening early enough to hang out and visit and leave the kids along with a couple more neighbor kids while we went to JJ's Wine Bar.
LOVE this place. You get a wine card and the only thing you have to do is chose which wine and if you want a Taste, 1/2 Glass, or Full Glass........dip your wine glass under the spout and voila! We decided that 2 tastes was better than a full.
On Sunday we got up and packed up a yummy picnic of sliced ham, sliced rotisserie chicken, crusty french bread w/oil & vinegar, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, brie, kalamata olives and went to the Arrington Vineyards for a lovely picnic.
Weather was gorgeous! The wine was amazing! We had so much fun relaxing on the hillside for several hours.
Zach introduced the girls to sunflowers seeds......the kind that's still in the shell. It kept them entertained for some time.
We brought along a frisbee and a football which everyone seemed to enjoy.....excluding myself. I sat and watched and sipped on my wine with Mrs. Christy!
We didn't want to leave!

On Monday we went to the famous Loveless Cafe for lunch. I've seen them on FoodNetwork bragging about their famous biscuits and such. Mmmmmmm, everything was so yummy!

We drove on into Nashville and did a backstage tour of the Ryman, where the used to film the Grand Ole Opry. They still perform shows here from Adam Lambert to Taylor Swift to Smashing Pumpkins. I hadn't been here since I was probably a teenager.

We had a great tour guide that was very knowledgable on everything Ryman. We went into Minnie Pearl's dressing room and the guide asked the question, "I guess all of you know who Minnie Pearl is?" Haley looked up from her iTouch for a second and said, "Ummmmmm, no."

On Tuesday we took them to The Factory in downtown Franklin and had lunch at Saffire and browsed around for awhile. The guys had tickets to a Nashville Predators game so the girls stayed home and snacked and watched movies.

We had such a wonderful time!!!! The weather was perfect the whole time and we loved getting to spend time with the Rosen's! Thank you for coming to see us! We miss you all!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free up-do's by Haley

Like my groovy new hairstyle???
I can totally do yours too........pleeeeeeeeeease. Free of charge, my treat.
Just think about it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing outside!!!

a rocket-full-of-tosies.....
They were making up funny words as they went.
While they played around the tree Haley seized the moment to sample all the ride-on toys that weren't being occupied. She will try anything and actually rides Hanna's bicycle more often and better than Hanna does!
Don't let the skirt fool was still a little chilly out but she insists on wearing this skirt to bed, underneath clothing, to play outside in chilly temps, etc. Pick your battles I always say.
I think by summer we might actually say that this is Haley's bike.

Adventure Science Center

Hanna has been BEGGING to go to a museum, mainly to look at dinosaur bones. I have found one somewhat close but not ready to make the trek quite yet. I did find a Science museum closer so we decided to try that first. It was really cool with an area devoted to our solar system, how our heart works to different parts of the brain to the body's digestion process (even with the appropriate sound effects) and lots of stuff to climb on and explore. It was perfect for Hanna since we are talking about planets and how our body works. She asks A LOT of questions these days.

Haley said her favorite part was getting to slide down the slide in the digestion area. Hanna said her favorite part was getting to see the fake dinosaurs. We've gotta get this girl to a dinosaur museum!!!!

Haley started gymnastics

My girls have always been challenged when it comes to sitting "Indian style" due to their short little stumps.
To say that Haley loves gymnastics is putting it mildly. We started out doing a trial class with a "Mommy and Me" class. When I told her we were doing a class together she exclaimed, "But Mommy. I don't want you to be in there with me!" We only did one of those because truthfully it was way too baby for her and since she turned 3 anyway she could be bumped up into the next
level. I let her pick out a new leotard and she went for this one strictly because it was "soft".

I get to go up to the observation area and watch her. She is still working on listening and waiting her turn. When I walked down to get her last week she was pouting and I asked her what was wrong. She said, "That teacher hurt my feelings cause she told me I had to stay in line." How dare her!!!

Every week she picks out something new to wear to gymnastics and usually a hair bow or head band to match. The girl loves her accessories. I think gymnastics will be in our future for a long time!

Haley, 3 going on 23

Haley cannot wait to be an adult. I don't think truer words have ever been spoken.

Finished project part I

Look what Jason built for me to put in my laundry room! I am in love with's the little things.
Now the girls actually put their shoes up and I don't have to trip over them!
Plenty more projects to go!!!