Monday, February 27, 2012

Haley's 4th birthday party

We had Haley's birthday party at Let It Shine, where she takes gymnastics. Her whole pre-school class came along with some of our neighbor friends. Everyone had a great time! Especially my sweet little birthday girl.

Haley is my tough as nails, princess loving, articulate, Barbie loving, jewelry loving, dancing, stubborn, loves books, sweetheart, loves to dress up all the time, brave little girl and I am so proud of her! Happy birthday sweet Haley!

The songs I chose for the background music are two of Haley's favorite songs:)

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Valentine treats

Finally getting to open their goodies.

Hanna's loot from school that day.
Emma got to spend Valentine's day with us and had a sleep over! She wanted some skittles.
Hanna was so excited to show me the ceramic heart she made in art class with clay.
Giving sweet Emma kisses.
We took the girls (Hanna, Haley & Emma) to Chick-fila for a lovely Valentine's Day dinner. The place was packed!!!!
They got animal balloons and special treats from Daddy.

Valentine's breakfast

We had Lucas & Cooper over for a Valentine's morning breakfast before school. We served heart shaped pancakes, bananas, strawberries & raspberries and bacon. The girls had special Valentine's treat to give them with cards that they made. It was a fun way to start the morning!

Cooper being silly.
And Haley being silly.
Hanna helped me set the table that morning.
Right before leaving for school with the flowers we got Mrs. Cooper.

Haley's V'day party at pre-school

She was so happy when I got there and said, "I told ya my Mommy was coming!"
Her friend Lukas came over and asked if he could have his picture taken with Haley. So sweet!
The future Mr. & Mrs. Cooper Houston;-)
They played heart bingo with conversation hearts.
Having a yummy treat after pizza and games.
Haley wanted me to take a picture of her eating her cupcake.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's tea & box decorating party

Hanna's friend Emi Kate from school invited all of the girls from their class over for a Valentine's tea party and to decorate their Valentine's boxes. Hanna and I had sooooo much fun! My friend Marci kept Haley for us. Emi Kate's mom already had the boxes ready for all of the girls....all they had to do was decorate them.

Afterwards, the girls got to hunt outside for two goody bags with their names on them. They were so funny and so serious looking for those bags! A couple girls could only find one bag and they were not happy! The girls then came inside for "tea", snacks and cupcakes. What a great memory with my sweet Hanna!

Just the girls

Jason had an opportunity to go to Indianapolis with a few friends from MarsPetcare the weekend of the Super Bowl. And yes he went to the Super Bowl. Loser. No worries, we had plenty of fun without him!!!

We started off the day by grabbing breakfast at Chick-fila and then went to Hobby Lobby. Their ribbons and tulle were 50% off!!!!! Who could resist these awesome colors!
We all got pedicures!
We came home and put on our jammies and made strawberry smoothies and....
a yummy dinner! Hanna picked out our dinner from her Disney cookbook. On the menu: Don't Be So Grumpy Cups, Wishing Well Pasta and Not French Fried Chicken. It was all deeeelish!
We watched Barbie movies in bed and.....
ate brownies and ice cream!

The Tooth Fairy visits the Kaiser house!

Hanna was brushing her teeth the night of the circus and felt a loose tooth and it fell out at breakfast the very next morning!
She wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy on her own. I love how she is learning to write by sounding out the words. Sometimes she gets pretty close!
This is what the letter reads: After the circus I brush my teeth. While I was brushing my teeth one of my teeth hurt. I touched it and then it shook!
Putting her letter and her tiny little tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

The Circus!

Hanna and Haley were both enthralled during the entire show. I loved watching their little faces!
They shot a man out of the cannon....I think he's in the air but I couldn't figure out how to best take pictures in the dark!
The elephants were the highlight of the show and very impressive.
I'm so glad we took the girls as this was their first real circus but Jason & I couldn't help but think of the book/movie "Water For Elephants" while watching the show.