Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alone time with my Hanna-Banana

Awwwwwwe, the joys of having one child at a time to lavish all of your precious time on. It was only a few weeks ago that I was grumbling over such a rare treat. I have since punished myself for being so selfish and now relishing this time with each of my precious children ;-). You see, I have been accustomed to at least one day of complete alone time to do with whatever I may choose with no judgement at all.

My current predicament leaves me with at least one child Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. While having only one does make my everyday life exponentially easier it does not make it ideal. Since I have only myself to blame I can no longer begrudge my fellow SAHM of their child-free outings but instead ask for their patience and understanding when my child is the one throwing a tantrum in the middle of Victoria's Secret. Not this to follow of the "trouble maker".

Welcome home Anthony!

Anthony and his fiance Hillary
Anthony's friend Kermit (yes, Kermit) and his wife Amanda. Such a sweet couple!
Hillary feeding Haley. This is Haley's favorite new look......her mean look. I think she looks like the Incredible Hulk.
Me and my baby Bro!
Hillary with her parents, Lori and Nelson. I am so mad that I didn't get even one picture of my Mom and Dad!!! Or Jason for that matter. I'm sure he slid under the radar on purpose.
And this would be Mr. Turtle Ice Cream Cake.

My brother.........what else can I say other than I am SOOOOO proud of him! He has been a flight engineer with the Guard at the Nashville Air Force base for the last few years or more and recently enrolled in special engineer training that kept him from home for almost a year. He first spent time in Florida (I think) jumping out of planes and into the ocean and inflating rafts and who knows what else (sorry I can't even remember what I had for breakfast the day before), then he spent time back in San Antonio where he went thru boot camp (I'm sure that was a fun place to revisit), and from there finished up his training at the Little Rock Air Force Base.

We LOVED having him so close while we still lived in AR and he drove the 3 hrs to see us whenever he could. We planned to spend a weekend or two with him in LR but we moved so quickly! Luckily, we are only 30 min away from each other now!!!! I never thought I would be able say to that! So thankful that we are back in TN for the big wedding (not sure if we would've been able to make it otherwise ;-) Congratulations Anthony, on everything you've accomplished. I love you and wish you and Hillary all the best!

Go Vols!!!

Enjoying some bloody mary's on the way to the football game! Yay!
Approaching the stadium. It was so great seeing orange everywhere again!
Now, I know my AR friends are going to scoff at my Volunteers post and while I KNOW I did
not attend the University my better half put in plenty of $$$, blood, sweat and tears and
afterall, I was born and raised in TN and proud of it!
What a great opportunity to go to a TN Vols game with my sis!!! Everybody split up
and Heather I and got to sit together. Man, did we have fun. I think we laughed the entire game.
We did watch 95% of the game while the other 5% was spent people watching. No, we did not win but
I never really expect to win, especially when the opponent is FL. I just loved being back
in the stadium again. It was a wonderful weekend! Thank you Mark and Cathy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in Franklin

Having lunch at one of my favorite new lunch spots, Tossed. The girls love their yogurt "smoovies" and I love their homemade crepes, salads, sandwiches..........
We went to The Factory in downtown Franklin. Such a neat place! We love going there for lots of reasons but mainly for homemade ice cream and all the neat shops; very eclectic and original.
We had lunch and browsed the shops and took some pics.
We had to make time for some ICE CREAM!
Hanna wouldn't look at the camera for some reason. Go figure.
My Mom came out Friday so we could celebrate her birthday
and so she could babysit for the weekend!
Having lunch with my favorite peeps!
So sad Aunt Heather has to leave!
These girls love their Aunt "Hedder"! Thank you so much for spending the week with us!!!
We had so much fun!