Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hanna's 6th birthday party

I took Hanna's birthday invitation to Publix and they printed it on the cake. Love.
Getting ready to paint ornaments.
Hanna picked a christmas tree.
This picture cracks me up! She is a really sweet friend from Hanna's class and I love her momma! But she will not smile!
Harry playing his guitar. Love this kid. He and Hanna are the "bestest" buds.
So proud of her tree!
Lucas with his cowboy boot ornament.
Our neighbor Megan.
Our sweet friend and neighbor Ella.
Haley and her gray-ish christmas tree.
Haley's "boyfriend" Coop.
Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl!
She is such a big girl!
Hanna and Haley had a great time with all their friends at the party. And I love that it was not at my house this year!!!