Monday, February 15, 2010

Special birthday dinner

When I asked Haley what she wanted for her special birthday dinner she said, "Pancakes."
So, I made some yummy buttermilk pancakes for dinner.  I don't think anyone
was disappointed with her choice.  The whipped cream looked pretty until it melted 
and slid down her pancake.  Here she is waiting patiently while we sing Happy Birthday.

Birthday package from NuNu!

Hanna was so excited that there was something for her 
to open!  She got a monkey puzzle and a summer dress
and play clothes to match Haley's.  Cute, cute, cute!
When Haley held up her pants she said, "Oooooooh.
Big girl Minnie Mouse underpants!  
She LOVES Minnie Mouse.  She can't wait to wear them!

Loving on her new super cuddly soft teddy bear.
Thank you NuNu for the wonderful gifts!!

Birthday presents from Aunt Cathy!

Hanna got a pair of fancy gloves for an "un" birthday present.  
Oooh la la!
Haley got a pair of fancy purple gloves, a purple purse
and a Tinkerbell flower halo.

Opening another present!
She also got a farm book about colors, and a "Little Sister" top and
an adorable pair of capris.
Thank you Aunt Cathy, Uncle Mark, Blake and Alex!!

Birthday presents from Aunt Heather

Hanna and Haley got these adorable matching dress/hat sets.
Can't wait for summer!
Haley discovering some cool stickers.
Mickey Mouse!
Haley got a Mickey Mouse book with figurines and
a fold out play mat.
Thank you Aunt Heather for the birthday gifts!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haley's circus party!

Haley's 2nd birthday party
Saturday, February 13th, 2010 @ 5:00
(lots of pictures!!!)

I made this Haley banner for the party.  I found circus themed paper to go along 
with Haley's circus party.
I ordered, printed and cut out the cupcake toppers and bag tags
from  If you've never checked it!  You will be hooked!
Take home treats included popcorn containers filled with various treats
and bags of animal crackers w/ circus stickers.
Jason fixed the carnival sign and photos cutout for me.  
The kids loved it.......
as well as the lemonade!
While we weren't watching Haley climbed into the chair
and helped herself to a cupcake.
There were bags of popcorn & peanuts which were gobbled up!
Delaney as the elephant; Haley the lion & Hanna the monkey.
Erin as an elephant.  Love it!!!
Baby Abby was the BEST!  She was so quiet and sweet the whole party.
We served mini cheeseburgers and hotdogs along w/ fries for dinner.
I found these cute hotdog paper holders at Hobby Lobby.
Happy birthday Haley!!!
Hanna had to help her blow out the candles.  She was having a tough time.
I made Jason get in there with us.
Eating popcorn with "purple" Zach.  We have several friends named Zach
so this is what she calls this Zach.
Birthday girl.  I think she had lots of fun and loved
all the attention.
Trying to get a picture of all the party goers.  Not a bad attempt.
Present time!
Abby, Tran, and Nicholas.
Delaney did some cleaning up after the party.  She was 
very serious and was on a mission!
We have to try for a family picture whenever possible!
Birthday hugs for the birthday girl!
It was a great party and so much fun to get ready for.
Thank you to all our friends for making Haley's party so special!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hanna & Haley want to wish everyone a happy Valentine's weekend!  Hope it is super sweet!
Thank you for the heart shirts Aunt Cathy.  Everyone thought they were so cute!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's treats from TN

We also got Valentine's treats from Aunt Cathy, Uncle Mark, Blake and Alex today!  Haley was still at school so I let Hanna open them by herself.  They got Pooh's Heffalump movie (which we've never seen!), Hershey's kisses, and the sweetest little t-shirts!  We had fun watching our new movie tonight and ate a few kisses before going to bed.  Thank you Aunt Cathy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's treats from Pittsburgh

Aunt Heather sent us some Valentine's treats in the mail today.  The girls got some candy and the cutest stuffed panda and frog and some  princess stickers.  They love getting packages in the mail!  I got a fancy wine glass (that I will be using all weekend), New Moon inspired chocolates, a wine saver/server, a set of silicone brushes, Urban Decay lip gloss, and a super cute shirt from Gap.  Thank you Aunt Heather for the sweet goodies!