Tuesday, June 22, 2010


At Hanna's dance/gymnastics class
Eating pizza after gymnastics
We had a busy week.......Jason has been out of town, my Mom came to visit, Hanna started swim lessons and my brother came in for the weekend as well. Whew! We sure had a lot of fun!!! Mom got to come along for Hanna's swim lessons and her dance class. We had fun eating out, shopping and going to Krispy Kreme for breakfast one morning! With Jason back in town and my brother here, we went to Abuelo's for dinner Friday night and then on to the movies to see the new Toy Story. We grilled out and went to the pool the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend comes to an end way too fast and it's back to reality!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mmmmm, blueberries!

We took the girls to The Blueberry Barn this morning to pick blueberries. I've never seen them more excited
about something. Haley kept saying, "We're goin to the blueberry store!" They had so much fun
looking for clusters of blueberries and they picked a TON. They really were troopers; I was quite impressed
with their blueberry picking skills.

Let me just say, they are the sweetest, plumpest, most delicious morsels you've ever put in
your mouth!!! I know because after we got home I foundered on them. The girls couldn't stop
eating them either. We stopped and picked up vanilla ice cream on the way home for the blueberry
cobbler Hanna and I are going to make!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haley's 1st movie

Manned with all the necessities for a successful movie experience.
I decided to brave it and take the girls to see the new Shrek movie by myself. It was Haley's first time in a movie theater so I had no idea if we would be watching half or all of the movie. She was so excited and did awesome! She certainly didn't like the volume; I don't know why they have to turn it up so loud. She didn't even attempt to get up until about 3/4 of the way thru and then she went back and forth between my lap and her chair. Overall I would say it was a great success. I think we'll be doing this a lot this summer to beat the heat!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some of my favorite things this summer!

This peppermint lotion is to my feet as the Vivid Crest is to my mouth.
I don't think I could ever be without it. It is the mintiest!
My girls are CRAZY for popsicles; winter, summer, or fall they ask for them all the time! They are soooooo messy especially in the summer time and I refuse to let them eat one in the house cause it drips everywhere. I found these in the $1 bins at Target. One side holds an ice cream cone and the other a popsicle. They definitely serve their purpose. No more sticky hands!
I am trying to cut out diet sodas as I feel like they aren't that great for you. I don't drink carbonated beverages that often but I do crave a coke from time to time. I was shopping in Target one day and found these cute little mini cans of Coke. I couldn't resist! They are only 90 calories vs. 140 calories you get from a 12 oz Coke. Hey, I can justify eating a big bowl of ice cream but not a Coke.
I had seen this toothpaste advertise and decided to give it a try. While I don't have a before/after picture of my teeth I do feel like they are a brighter color but besides that, I LOVE the minty-ness of it. It's like no other toothpaste I've tried and I love that hours later my mouth still tastes so fresh.
Bath and Body Works came out with their summer vanilla line and I love all of them but my favorite is the lemon vanilla. It smells so good that you seriously want to pour it into a graham cracker crust, top w/fresh whipped cream and dig in! This is the cooling mist which feels awesome on your skin giving it a cool tingly feeling. Great for the summer heat!
Two of my favorite things have collided and I couldn't be happier. Vanilla ice cream w/ chunks of crispy cone, swirled w/ chocolate fudge.....need I say more.
I've been trying to take better care of my face and needed to find a good daily moisturizer w/ SPF. I started using a few products from the Murad line and I LOVE all of it. Two new products I've tried is from their Essential-C line. This moisturizer has an SPF of 30 and has a light citrus scent. It is a little heavy since it provides sun protection but it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy at all.
I love spritzing the toner on my face right after washing it. It smells so good like I just squeezed fresh oranges on my face. I like to spray it on my neck and chest as well. It is so refreshing!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun times in Pittsburgh

Jason offered to watch the girls and let me go visit Heather in Pittsburgh so we decided upon Memorial Day weekend. We had WAY too much fun! I haven't taken a trip by myself since the girls were born. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! My trip up there was uneventful.....I just relished in being alone and not taking care of someone for a change so I rather enjoyed my flights. I got there pretty late so we didn't have time to do much.

On Friday Heather drove us to SouthSide Works, a neat little shopping/restaurant area on the south side of the city. We sat outside and sipped on wine and munched on calamari and seared ahi tuna. It was perfect!
We walked around and did a little shopping afterwards & then headed back home.
We went to Tamari for dinner that night and tried their signature martini that had plum wine in it. It was, as Hanna says, YUMMO-RIFIC!! As was this delectable plate of various sashimi, sushi, and nagiri. My mouth waters just thinking about it!
It was melt in your mouth heaven!
After we filled up on sushi we went to Olive-Or-Twist and tried some more martinis and listened to a one-man band. First up was a pomegranate version. It was ok but I like my martinis a little lighter in color. So we tried a grape one. Wow. It was made w/ grape vodka & white grape juice and it was quite tasty and refreshing. I finished up the night w/ a chocolate martini. I know that sounds like a lot but you really don't get much in a martini glass AND I am on vacation! ;-)
Heather and Marco at Olive-Or-Twist.
A really good picture of Marco. He sometimes grimaces in pictures. I know we drove him crazy with snapping pics the whole weekend.
We hung out at their YMCA pool on Saturday. The weather was so nice and wasn't any humidity. We ate an early dinner at home and met up with some friends at Cabana Bar. It is a huge outdoor bar with sand everywhere and fire pits. Really cool. We tried out the swinging hammock chairs but Heather started crying about sand getting in her shoes.
The two love birds at Cabana Bar.
On Sunday the weather was even more perfect and not a cloud in the sky so we went back to the pool. I got some really cool burn marks that day. It looked like I was just splattered w/ sunscreen. Not sure how that happened but you won't be seeing any pics of that!
After getting enough of the pool they took me to Rita's. They serve authentic Italian ice and gelato. The gelato was the creamiest, dreamiest gelato I've ever tasted! They layer it with whatever flavor of Italian ice you want, so you get a bite of creamy and icy at the same time. I chose vanilla gelato and banana ice and it was like a party in my mouth. I've probably already gained 5 lbs by this point so I might as well go all the way, I think to myself. Remember, I am on vacation and I don't do diets on vacation.
We came back to their house and cleaned up a little and enjoyed the weather on their back deck while sipping on some wine.
On Sunday night Heather and Marco made the best dinner: grilled salmon, yummy potatoes w/ caramelized onions & blue cheese, Parmesan & bread crumb mushrooms and an asparagus tomato salad.
It was SOOOOOO good. We were full up to our eyeballs!
Monday was my last day but I had a later flight so were able to squeeze in a Pirates/Cubs baseball game. I think PNC Park is so pretty because you can see the city right behind it. We had great seats and really appreciated being under an awning when it started pouring rain about an hour into the game. The Pirates aren't doing too hot this season but they scored a run to tie it up. Unfortunately we had to leave in overtime to get to the airport. They did end up winning 2-1. I guess you could say I'm a good-luck charm.
We took one more picture before heading to the airport. We don't look very enthused in this picture I know; we were tired and hit with the realization that our fun-filled weekend was over. We got to the airport early and unfortunately I sat there for the next 3 1/2 hours going nowhere. It was misery. My flight kept getting pushed back for what reason I was never really sure. Early on I knew I wouldn't make my connection in Cincinnati so Jason got on the phone w/ the airlines and tried to devise a plan on how to get me home the next day. The outcome looked bleak AND to add insult to injury my cell was on the brink of going dead and my charger was in my suitcase. I ran to the only shop left open in the airport and bought an On The Go phone charger only to realize that you have to charge the damn thing before you are able to use it. Can't I catch a break!!!

So, short story long I FINALLY made it to Cinci only to be shipped off to the worst Comfort Inn in America. I slept with one eye open all night. I didn't know what fun the next day would bring but I wanted to be home in the worst way. My luck started to change by daybreak; I charged my charger in the public hotel computer and woke the next morning to find it still there and charged! My phone is now charging, a great way to start off the morning! I get to the airport to check in thinking it's going to be a very long day. I am already completely exhausted w/ a head full of frizzy hair (no hair products or a comb to accompany the hairdryer), not to mention stinky clothes since I wore the same shirt to the b-ball game and dropped two huge globs of mustard on it and had to sleep in it as well. I crossed my fingers and toes and asked the nice Delta lady if there were any changes in the morning flight straight into NW Ark and to my surprise there was a seat available!!! Otherwise, I would have to fly to Minneapolis and sit around there and not get home until around 4 that evening. I sure as heck didn't want to get stuck anywhere else. It is quite peculiar how Jason spent hours on the phone with several people trying to get me on that flight but "No sir that flight is completely full." There were TONS of empty seats on that plane.

No doubt my luggage went on to Minneapolis without me but I didn't even care at that point. I was just glad to be home and loving on my sweet little girls! And I gave Jason a hug as well. ;-)
To Jason, Heather, and Marco......THANK YOU for a terrific, awesome, wonderful weekend, from the bottom of my heart.