Friday, July 30, 2010

What have I been up to......

Well, let's see.......
  • packed up and drove to Nashville, TN with my little homeys
  • had a lovely, uneventful trip.....after a 30 min stop to clean up Hanna after she threw up all over herself, her blanket, her carseat, and my shoes resting on the floor in front of her
  • went house hunting for 7 hours, very disappointing
  • bought a house.....the one Jason liked/wanted all along. I love it!!!
  • wasted a day looking at undesirable houses. At least I know what's out there and that I'm not missing out
  • found a few preschools/daycares but will probably be wait-listed due to our late summer arrival. Bummer!
  • got lost a few times while trying to learn my glorious new surroundings
  • missed my NW Ark friends a lot!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

Having burgers, fries and corn on the cob after swimming!
We got some after dinner dancing from the girls.
We headed out front to have ice cream cones and watch fireworks.
Our neighbors all around have the most amazing fireworks display!
Why would be want to pile in the car and drive somewhere when we can watch it in our front driveway???
Eating popcorn while watching the fireworks=total happiness!!!!


Haley loves her "cimma-wodes" (cinnamon rolls) and when she knows that is for breakfast
she is CRAZY until she gets one on her plate.
She was so cute with her little bottom and house shoes sticking out behind her.

Friday, July 2, 2010

It is official!






Brentwood to be exact, just a short 11 miles south of Nashville. It all seems to be more like a dream really. We've wanted to be closer to family for along time but especially after having Hanna & Haley we've longed for them to be near grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. We thought maybe even close to TN would be awesome but to actually be in TN seemed unattainable.

A few months ago Jason got a call from a headhunter for Mars, their pet food division, and they just happened to be headquartered in TN! I hate to toot Jason's horn but he is very good at what he does and they scooped him up in a second! Needless to say, our moving day will be a very sad one as we've made so many wonderful friends here in NW Arkansas and consider it our home. Hanna knows that we are moving and is very excited to be near family but she is very concerned that we won't see our friends near as much. That just means that we will make a HUGE effort in coming "home" as much as we can!

Sprinkler fun.......or maybe not so much

H & H closely examining the situation from afar.
As you can tell, Hanna is mostly, completely dry and her friend Delaney is soaked from head to toe.
I love this picture of Haley standing in the background. That is about as close as she got.
She stayed surprisingly dry as well.
Does the look of sheer agony on Haley's face answer the question, "Will we ever go back to the splash pad?"
Probably not as I ended up getting wetter than either of them and I didn't even get near
the sprinklers.

Swim lessons

We started swim lessons this summer! Like the big bruise in the middle of her forehead?? She was getting herself dressed one day and bent forward fast and whacked it on her bed.
Here she is on the last day. She has come along way.
Jumping in......yay!!!
Nick had lessons right after Hanna so I snapped a pic of them together. We will definitely need more swim lessons in the future but I am so proud of her and how well she did.