Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Ella

Jason and I were hanging out downstairs after dinner tonight while the girls were off playing. I thought Hanna was upstairs with Haley but soon realized she was in our bedroom watching tv. I kept hearing little footsteps from upstairs and they were coming from Hanna's bathroom and heard cabinet doors and drawers being closed (that is never a good thing when Haley is involved). She loves to get into Hanna's toothpaste. So I hesitantly made my way upstairs to check out the scene and this is what I saw.

Apparently baby Ella (she names her babies and stuffed animals using her friends' names from school) needed her teeth brushed and I must say she did a pretty good job getting a good amount of toothpaste in her little mouth. Hanna was quite upset that her toothbrush was now covered in baby doll germs.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The zoo

We took the girls to the Tulsa Zoo on Sunday. Woo-hoo! First stop, the "trunks".
We saw some guinea hogs(?). The much bigger version of the "pig."
One had a tag stapled to it's ear and Hanna saw it and said, "He must be brand new because he still has a tag on."
What's a zoo trip without posing as monkeys. I realize I messed up the shot by positioning my head wrong. My focus was on getting that cotton candy.
The 5-minute round-trip train ride was by far the highlight of the trip. And a bag of pretty pink cotton candy. Luckily, to my surprise, I am the only one that enjoys sugary, colored fluffs of sugar. I saved a little for the long drive home.
Haley waved at Jason every single time we rode by him. She loves to wave at strangers even.
We took a couple of furry animals home with us and a few new stuffed ones.
Nothing like the zoo to tucker a girl out!
Sleeping girls=happiness.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I have the strangest girls....but I love 'em!

Of all the animals Hanna portrays I would have to say that without a doubt we encounter T-Rex the most. If she comes up to me with an angry roar (the girl has a gift, seriously) and I'm not really sure what animal she is, without uttering a word she flashes her two-fingered claw in my face and I immediately know to throw some meat her way.
As much as she loves dinosaurs I do not know for the life of me why she's never possessed a dinosaur puppet!!! We found one at our favorite lunch spot the other day, The Crumpet Tea Room. She named her T-Rex Sally as most of her animals are either Sally, Cally or Fa-lally (not sure how she spells that one). I am most intrigued by how this sweet little girl could be afraid of her own shadow yet willingly and happily share her bed with a yellow-eyed, sharp toothed dinosaur......
And then show up downstairs wearing a fancy tutu, tie-dye leggings, clappy shoes and a Dora tin purse. I just never know about this one.
I asked her wear she was going all dressed up......."Oh, I am going to lunch," she said. It's kind of like having a little girl AND a little boy at the same time. I love how she embraces her femininity but is also a snake loving (sorry Jason), frog loving (sorry Tran), dinosaur roaring, dirt digging, Cars fan, and lover of all creatures great and small, with the exception of spiders and I GLADLY take full credit for that one!
Haley is always on the hunt for sunglasses, jewelry, lipstick, lotion, purses, wipes, etc. Finding a tub of wipes or Wet Ones is like finding gold. She will take one in her chubby hand (I have yet to see a container that she cannot manipulate) and clean like there is no tomorrow; her face, her baby dolls & their "baw-baw's" (bottles), or any surface that needs cleaning.....or not.
She is very nurturing and reads to her babies all the time or makes them "baw-baw's." She says so many funny things in one day that I can't possibly write them all down. One thing she is doing lately that is so amusing.......she makes this "tcha" sound after completing a sentence or a word. I think that she feels like a big girl making that sound because I realize that I do that when I am reading to her.
I promise you that she did not wear a pretty peter-pan collared onsie all day with nothing on her bottom (I would never do that!). She had on the cutest little jean skirt and leggings to match earlier in the day. She kept pulling them off saying she was hot.
While I finished up on dinner Jason took them outside (they are glued to him after being gone for a week and a half!). Hanna wanted to put on rain boots and splash in puddles since it had rained and her little shadow wanted to do the same. Doesn't her fat little thigh evoke some nibbling?
Santa Claus brought this baby doll-sized pack & play for Haley's baby dolls but they seem to keep getting dumped on the floor for a much bigger baby. Even Hanna gets in there! I give it a couple more weeks before it buckles from the pressure!
She prefers to watch tv in this cramped up space while there is a perfectly comfy, empty couch right behind her. Like Hanna, she loves to pretend she is somebody she's not.......a baby. What would childhood be without any imagination?? I think my girls have plenty!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some light painting

Funny how all those vibrant colors turn to mud when mixed together.
How stinking cute is this little table and benches! My sweet hubby made it for the girls!
Hard at work creating.........something.
No surprise, Haley was covered with paint from head to toe=the reason why we paint outside.

My new puppies!

Aren't they cute!!! We're not quite sure what the breed is yet but they were very cheap.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A great day with my two favorite girls!

We headed to the Bentonville Square for a Saturday lunch outside.
The weather was perfect!
After lunch we walked across the street to the new cupcake store.
Hanna wanted a purple one and Haley exclaimed she wanted a blue one.
They settled for a pink one.
Haley thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake!
We played at the water fountain for awhile.
They love getting their little hands wet and making handprints on the concrete.
We walked to the park after we'd had enough water play.
What a great day we had!!! Hanna kept saying, "This is the best day I've ever had!"
I love how they are so appreciative and easily entertained at this age.
I'm going to take full advantage!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lil' Abbers

Is that about the cutest, sweetest little face you've ever seen?? Hanna and I got to watch baby Abby the other day and it was so much fun having a little pea pod in the house again! We watched her once before but she was just a seedling then. She napped for about the first hour but then realized she must be missing out on some big fun in the Kaiser house.

Hanna was a big help (goo-gooing and gaa-gaaing and entertaining Abby). She kept bringing her baby toys to play with. It was so cute. Hanna thought her idea of putting Abby in her bean bag was brilliant. She also got very excited and said, "I know Mommy! I can read her a book!" Abby quite enjoyed Hanna's reading of "The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Haley loves to listen to my iPod whenever she gets the chance. She will stand in one spot and sway back and forth. She will see my iPod and ask for "Muge-ic." She looked so cute with it clipped to her pants that I had to get a couple shots of her. She loves getting her picture taken and says "cheese" every time. As soon as the picture is taken she says, "Mommy, I can see?"

Easter 2010

The girls loved Easter this year and Hanna loved telling the story of Jesus and how the stone was rolled away and he was alive again. So sweet! We joined some friends for egg hunting, cookie decorating, and the yummiest Easter dinner ever! Haley loved hunting for eggs but after finding two whole eggs she was ready for some candy! The weather was pretty nice but so, so, so windy. Even so, I will take that over the rainy Easter we had last year! Hanna keeps asking me if Easter is over and is really sad when I tell her that it is. She says, "But it was the shortest day ever!"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

The girls put their Easter baskets by the front door tonight so the Easter bunny could find them quickly and be on his way. They each laid out a carrot for him.....Haley tried hers to make sure it wasn't poison. The other day Hanna asked me, "Is the Easter bunny real or just someone wearing a costume?" I told her that some people think he isn't real and some people believe that he is magic and that she could believe whatever she felt in her heart. She said, "I think he is MAGIC!!!"

Hope everyone has a magical Easter Sunday!!!

Bunny cupcakes

Hanna and I made these bunny cupcakes for her pre-school class Easter party. I think if you take away the marshmallow cheeks they look like a mouse. Eeeek! My favorite part are the ears. Have you ever dipped a marshmallow in icing and then dipped it in colored sugar??? Well, I did and it tasted amazing!