Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend 2011

Blake and Alex both had baseball games. We got to see Blake pitch!
Alex hit his first ball. So exciting to be able to see it!
Blake had an awesome hit!
Sweet brothers after their games.
We colored Easter eggs. Aunt Cathy had a suitcase full of dress-up stuff......didn't take Haley long to ask for it!
Easter morning before church.
Sweet Haley.....Aunt Cathy let her pick a flower.

Blake, Alex, Hanna and Haley with Nunu.
Hunting Easter eggs......
and more eggs!

We had a FAB Easter weekend in Knoxville with Jason's family. We arrived Friday evening and grilled steaks and played until way too late! Saturday we went to Blake and Alex's baseball games. They were so much fun to watch! We came back and had lunch and got to swim the rest of the day!!! The weather so nice! We went to dinner by boat and came back and colored eggs and got baskets ready for the Easter bunny.

We went to church Sunday morning and came back for brunch with friends and hunted Easter eggs. The girls had such a great time that they cried and didn't want to leave! I usually do too!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Haley has something to say......

and it's her very own fashion statement.

Nothing says spring like a bathing suit, cover-up, tights and rain boots.

Chardonnay Easter egg hunt

Waiting with great anticipation for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt!
Listening to the rules and getting ready......
Haley was on a mission to find a golden egg.
We found lots of colorful eggs......
and picked a pretty pink flower but found no golden egg. Neither Jason nor myself put much (if any) emphasis on finding a golden egg but when both were captured she was profoundly upset that she didn't have one. I do remember as a child being quite stressed about hunting the "prize" egg, whatever it was. I never did find it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Belle stopped by..........I had to play the Beast.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fancy Nancy & making pizzas

We went to one of our favorite local toy stores this afternoon for a Fancy Nancy pajama party!

H & H couldn't wait to meet her. She was fancy alright, from her sunglasses all the way down to her shimmery shoes. She went around and met all the girls.....Hanna introduced herself; Haley introduced herself........as Kenny. Hanna piped up and said, "That's NOT her name. Her name is Haley." So Haley said, "I know! I am preTENding that my name is Kenny but my name is Haley."
They were mesmerized by her beauty and her fancy sunglasses.
Once she could break away from the hugs and lavish kisses being bestowed she was able to read a Fancy Nancy book. My girls sat intent and listened to every word. They love to be read to.
A very Fancy Nancy!
While the girls waited to get their fingernails polished they got a bag of popcorn. That will distract my kids any day!
Finally getting to test out some polish and answer some test questions on the products.
Hanna looks so sweet here. She was actually a bit of a toot that day.
Time for Haley's nails! She didn't care what color they painted.
What a fun time! If you are ages 6 and under I mean.
We came home and made pizzas! The girls love to paint marinara sauce on their pizzas and apparently on their nightgowns as well.
Sweet little hands at work.
Last toppings of ham, peppers, and cheese!
We ate our pizzas watching KungFu Panda and finished it up with a big bubble bath!
What a fun day!