Monday, November 22, 2010

Haley's birthday party, sans big sis!

Haley had her very own birthday party to attend this weekend! She has been to plenty of birthday parties but they have always involved big sister. Here she is putting her gift in the wheelbarrow. Her friend Isaac from Mommy's Day Out had a Bob the Builder party.
They had Home Depot-ish aprons for everybody and had different sections of the house designated for decorate it, design it, imagine it, paint it, construct it, hammer it etc.
Here she is posing with the birthday boy Isaac. He refused to pose with her and she wasn't about to throw herself onto him. Poor little guy, he had a rough day and cried a lot. Isaac, birthday parties do the exact same thing to me!
Haley got to decorate her own yellow hard hat with an endless array of construction site/work hazard stickers. You can't see because her hat is turned sideways but she managed to find the few "handicapped" stickers in the bunch. She did not want any part of the get-up but I somehow convinced her to keep the apron on because, "Everybody else is wearing one." I decided the hat wasn't worth causing a scene over even though she was so cute in it.
She loved coloring the cardboard house the best. I couldn't coax her on outside where they had work benches and hammers and nails with all the supplies to build your very own small toolbox. I crept outside feeling a little intimidated but I was determined to build that damn toolbox and thru trial and error and a little help from a friend, it was completed!
The boy and girl on Haley's right were neighbors but the cutie on her left is Jackson. He is also in her Mommy's Day Out program. I asked Haley what her favorite part of the bday party was and she said, "Eating the ice cream and cake"! I will admit it was scrumptious but I would be lying if I said that was my favorite part. My parting gift was a 6ft measuring tape w/keychain. I think it is the cutest darn thing and it will reside in my purse so sticky little fingers won't grab it.

Hanna's Thanksgiving celebration

I just recently learned from Hanna that she is betrothed to a little boy in her class, unbeknownst to me. Apparently he asks her every day, "Hanna, do you promise you will marry me?" She told me that her answer is always yes. I guess she decided to return the enthusiasm because now she asks him right back, "Do you promise you'll marry me?" We are going to invite him over one night for milk and cookies and find out what his intentions are. Btw, hubby to be is sitting right next to her.

This picture cracks me up at how serious they are singing the Hokey Pokey, the turkey version. While I loved watching the kiddo's hokey and pokey their little hearts out, when they said, "You put your right claw in", I had to gulp. Just the image of a turkey claw......anyway, you get the picture.
Here they are singing my favorite Thanksgiving song, "1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians.....".
Miss Lynne talked to them about different Indian names and gave them examples so they could come up with their own. Everybody yelled out what their Indian name was; there was a "Sun", "Lizard Buffalo", and Hanna's was "Buffalo". My favorite though was "Teletubby Playhouse".

After the "show" they sat down for a Thanksgiving feast. Hanna's future MIL and myself signed up to do this party so we brought Chick-fil-a nuggets (I am positive the pilgrims would have LOVED them), along with fruit, corn on the cob, rolls, and my terrific idea of sweet potato fries. As we were dishing out the feast my sweet potato fries seemed to be snubbed by all. Not surprising, by the time they made it to the school and waited for about 10 minutes they were less than appetizing and a bit on the mushy side.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised at how they gobbled up the food, minus the fries of course, and even had decent table manners to boot. I'd say the big moment of the day was getting to finally meet the boy Hanna plans on marrying.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My little brother got married!!!

Hanna was a flower girl and did wonderful! She took the job very seriously. Unfortunately, her cute dress shoes weren't very comfy so we switched to crocs right after the ceremony. Well, at her age she can get by with this!
Haley was a big fan of the dance floor and spent most of the night running in circles.
I loved all the fall colors of the wedding!
Mom and Dad with the groom to be.
Haley grew quite attached to Aubrey, the jr. bridesmaid. When she wasn't dancing she was being carried around by her. Quite cute.
Heather and Marco. Marco and Jason were groomsmen in the wedding.
Two tired little girls dancing with Mimi and Papa.
I wanted a pic of me and Jason since we don't have many pics of the two of us dressed up and without kids hanging on us. Marco decided to grace us with his lovely smile. I didn't know until well after the picture was taken. Thanks Marco!
Hillary, my new sister-in-law!
I just can't believe that my little brother is married! It makes me feel very old! The wedding was on Saturday, October 30th, the eve of Halloween. Everyone had a great time being together but I'm sure the bride and groom are relieved it's all over! So much preparation goes into the planning that by the big day you are so exhausted! I know I was. The happy couple left right after the reception for their honeymoon aboard a cruise ship. I hope they are having a relaxing vacation and I wish them many more to come. Congratulations Anthony and Hillary!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This is what we had for dinner
Hanna wanted to be a dinosaur early on and when we found Tiny the Pteranodon from Dinosaur Train she knew for sure that's what she wanted to be.
Since summer Haley has said she wanted to be a witch, a green witch to be exact. This is the closest I could find. She is the cutest little witch I've ever seen!
Doing their best impersonations.

They were a little hesitant to get their pic with Esmerelda, until I told Haley she should take a pic with her mommy witch. She thought that would be pretty cool and Hanna couldn't be outdone by her baby sister. As always, we are sad to see Halloween come to an end but we have enough candy to last a life time!