Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon

I've never hidden the fact that I LOVE the Twilight saga.  I was pretty pumped when Twilight made it to the theater so quadruple that and times it by 100;  that's how I felt for the next installment, New Moon.  My friends and I have been discussing it all summer long with great anticipation!  The night finally came and we decided to live on the edge ;-) and go to the midnight showing.  We had to drive to the old theater in Bella Vista but it was completely worth it because the movie did not disappoint.  We were, however, surrounded by screaming tweens & teens that should've been home in bed!

We met up for a drink and appetizers at Eddie Haskell's before driving up there.  My friend Jessica posted some pics on her blog if you are interested in seeing a couple grown up nerds!  Now, the count down to Eclipse begins!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Haley and I got to show up a little early at Hanna's school on Tuesday to take pictures of the Indian pow-wow.  They made drums out of oatmeal cans, bead necklaces, paper bag vests, and headdresses.  They were all SO cute.  They made noises with their mouths and beat on their drums.  I loved their face paint and wanted to keep it on her all day but she wanted it off as soon as we went back to her room.

She didn't have school on Thursday due to parent/teacher conferences so we took advantage of our time together since Haley was in MDO.  We took some cheeses and lunch meats to her school for the teachers' lunches and went to paint pottery at the Crafty Cottage.  She asks me every Thursday if we can go paint pottery!  She loves to paint.  Then we met up with our friends Erin and Delaney for lunch at McAlisters.    

Jason and I scheduled our p/t conference on Friday and heard nothing but great things from Mrs. Misty.  That's always a relief to hear!

Hope everyone has a terrific Thanksgiving!  I will be posting pictures of our turkey day in Pittsburgh.  Can't wait!!