Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hanna's pre-school graduation

On Wednesday we went to First Presbyterian preschool for Hanna's "cap & gown" ceremony. Mrs. Lynne shared something about each child before handing them their diploma......."Hanna is my most loving and affectionate child. I often have to ask her to stop kissing the boys." Ha! What will kindergarten bring! Hopefully she's gotten all of that out of her system! Look out kindergarten boys!

On Friday was the school program of her class and the rest of the classes. They were all so adorable. I have to remember back when Hanna first started preschool and it seems forever ago!!! She is definitely ready for kindergarten and reminds me every time we pull into our subdivision as the new elementary school is being built right across from our neighborhood entrance! She is so excited at the thought of riding her scooter to school.

She has grown up so much in the last year! Physically and emotionally. She is trying to be a better big sister and is a great teacher and role model to Haley. Her patience only goes so far you know. I wonder how they will be next fall when Hanna is gone everyday! A much longer day than she has been accustomed. She is so worried that she will miss me (doubtful). I will definitely miss her more than she does me! I think the girls will miss each other the most.

We will miss Mrs. Lynne and our awesome group of friends. So sad that they all can't go to the same kindergarten! We are going to keep in touch this summer as much as possible. We've got summer camps scheduled, VBS, swimming, gymnastics, play dates, and whatever else we can fill up the summer with. Either way it is going to fly by and my little Hanna-banana will be starting KINDERGARTEN!!!!! I'm so excited for her!!!