Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, I was in the process of changing out my picture of the week tonight and figured it was Hanna's turn in the spotlight and decided to go back 2 yrs ago today.  We were at the beach with Hanna and she was just a few months older than Haley is now!!  I just couldn't believe it.  She seemed so much older at the time and I swear it was yesterday........2 years ago??  Really?!?

I had to post a few pics of her from her very first beach trip.  What a chunk!  She really didn't like the beach all that much and looking back, I am not surprised.  She hates to get dirty or have anything gritty on her and she didn't like the waves.  She still remembers the trip and talks about it;  although I don't know how much she truly remembers.   We did look at the pictures together and I asked her who was in Mommy's belly then and she didn't hesitate and said, "Ha-wee."  Awwwwe, such great memories.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A day of firsts

First day of pre-school

Today was Hanna's first day at her new pre-school and all I can say is that 6AM came way too fast this morning.  Even Hanna struggled to get a move on when I woke her up.  But she has been waiting for this day all summer and was anxious to get there and dig in.  We had plenty of time to snap pictures this morning.  I would have been crying except that she has been in a mother's day out program since she was 13 months old.  This really didn't seem any different and it's a much shorter day than mdo.  

I think she had a good first day even though it was mum's the word when she got in the car.  She was disappointed that she didn't get to pet/play with the resident rodents (Ok, I think they are gerbils but no need in splitting hairs, they are still rodents at the end of the day).   I think she is going to really enjoy her new class and learn lots of new things.

In front of Miss Misty's room

Hanna goes to the dentist

Hindsight, it probably wasn't in Hanna's best interest to share her first dentist appointment with her first day of school.  Overall, she did pretty well, much better than I expected.  We did get a couple x-rays of her teeth and that in itself is a miracle!  She loved getting to choose a flavor of toothpaste (marshmallow).  I fought to hold back the tears!  She looked like such a big girl getting her teeth cleaned.  Haley was a little jealous that she wasn't getting all the attention and demanded her own toothbrush.  

Monday, September 7, 2009

Last day with Uncle

We saved our big breakfast for Saturday morning;  cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, toast, and Anthony made bacon.   We just laid around for the first part of the day and watched some college football.  Loved it!!!  So excited for football season and for the SEC.  After nap time, we took Anthony to Fast Lanes for some bowling and pizza.  Unfortunately, Haley had different plans.  Since she didn't get to wander around like she wanted, she made the rest of us miserable.  

We decided to just order appetizers while we bowled one game and headed for the arcade afterwards.  We called and ordered a pizza from Domino's and picked it up on the way home.  The girls loved on Uncle and Haley tried to feed him her Smarties.  If she wants to share with you, it is best to go ahead and concede because she will never give up and possibly injure you trying.  

We took Anthony to the airport the next day and wished him safe travels.  His trip absolutely flew by!!  We really had a great time and so appreciate his visit.  Thank you for coming to see us!  We love you Uncle!!


Friday morning we took Hanna to her gymnastics class and enjoyed watching her.  I love watching this age group try to follow directions.  It's hysterical.  Haley wanted in there so bad!!  We picked up some filets on the way home for dinner.

Once we were back home we decided to take the basketball down to the courts and play some ball.  We brought chalk for the girls and they loved having a huge canvas to work on.  While there, the sun finally came out and we got really hot!!  I left Anthony with the girls to run home and get swimming pool gear and snacks.  The water was really cold but we had it all to ourselves!!  

Anthony swam with the girls in the big pool for awhile (it was too cold for me, as I sat on the step the whole time).  We eventually made our way to the gated kiddie pool area where the girls played for so long while we got to sit back and relax with a few cold ones!

After dinner, we rocked out to Rock Band and ordered a bunch of new songs.  I always love the opportunity to share my melodious voice and guitar skills.  

Burgers & Fries

On Thursday morning, we got up and took Haley to her school.  She was none too happy about being left out of the festivities.  We stopped and got Starbucks on the way home!  It was so nice out that we decided to take Hanna for a walk around the neighborhood.  We got back and cleaned up and took Anthony to the Bentonville Square for lunch.  The Station Cafe has the best cheeseburgers so I thought that would be just what we needed after a strenuous walk.  It was YUMM-O!  We left and picked up Haley from school and headed home where Jason was waiting to take Anthony golfing.  
While the guys were gone, I made home-made barbeque sauce for grilled chicken, potatoes gratin, spicy Asian coleslaw, and a raspberry swirl cheesecake for dinner.  We enjoyed dinner on the back deck and the guys hashed it out on the XBox afterwards.

Say Uncle.......SAY UNCLE!

On Wednesday, the girls and I went to the airport to pick up my brother Anthony.  He graciously took off time to come and visit us!  Ever since Hanna started talking she has called him "Uncle" because she couldn't say Anthony very well.  She still calls him Uncle.  It didn't take Haley long at all to catch on and says it all the time now.

Hanna made a sign to hold with Uncle's name and a few other stamps she chose.  She was no doubt very proud of it and couldn't contain her excitement as we walked toward the airport.  "Uncle is goin to be so excited to see me!  He is goin to be precious to me."  Was I ever tickled at her comments.  She just makes me laugh so much!

Haley walked in circles while we waited and Hanna exclaimed that "We've waited for 10 years!" They explored every inch and depleted any snacks we had.  I mean, we did wait for a whole 20 minutes.  That's enough time for them to polish off a box of goldfish crackers, easy.  When we finally spotted Uncle they were so giddy and giggly it was so cute to watch.